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Now to kick things off with mix of the week.

This has to be one of those must hear mixes, and i think anyone new to the scene can really enjoy the magic of breaks and cores and classical music all rolled up into a katamari to create this which has become Classicore.  It's a personal favorite, and one of those mixes that keeps me coming back.

From the author of the mix himself:

Orginally posted by Tykal @ Ragga-Jungle forums
This mix has been several years in the making. To be honest, I was a little hesitant in making it for several reasons, one being that these kind of tunes are really fucking difficult to blend and I wasn't sure I could do the ideal I had justice. The result is near what I intended if not quite there, and something I'm glad I did even if a bit rough around the edges. What I envisioned was a mix of breakcore that heavily samples or incorporates classical (or orchestral or ambient) influence...something that could appeal to people who don't generally like breakcore and something that could widen the perspective even hardcore break enthusiasts have on the music. There will be a second part to the mix that strays into wilder territory, but for this installment imagine attending a symphony concert with a drummer in-between each instrumentalist jacked up on three days worth of speed. A guaranteed headfuck & hopefully something that takes you to new heights in your listening experience.


01 (00:00) The Berzerker - Reality - Earache
02 (00:00) Emotional Joystick - Eight - Zod
03 (02:47) Line 47 - L472 - Terminal Dusk
04 (05:57) Jahba & Ghost - Bob - Life 4 Land
05 (08:51) Enduser - End of A Beginning (Sublight Version) - Sublight
06 (12:19) Venetian Snares - Ketsarku Mozgalom - Planet Mu
07 (19:54) Chaos AD - Psultan (Squarepusher Remix) - Rephlex
08 (24:19) Dev/Null - Big Boring Bass - Unreleased
09 (28:20) Venetian Snares - Integraation - Planet Mu
10 (31:40) Amen Orchestra - Temp6HWZ69O - Art-Tek
11 (33:04) Amen Orchestra - 16th Wave - Art-Tek
12 (36:18) Venetian Snares - My Half - Planet Mu

 Also here's part 2

This is the second in a series of two breakcore mixes centered around tunes that either sample from or are influenced by classical, orchestral or, to use an ambiguous term, atmospheric music. I believe it's been close to a year since I made the first in the series, and have never moved the second out of my line of sight, but I had many other unexpected mixing projects pop up in the interim, and just haven't gotten to it until now.

Normally I would say mixing break-oriented music is a very precise art, and would even go so far as to say that in most cases, the quality of one's mixing increases or decreases in direct proportion to precision of one's beat-matching. This being said, my experience making this and previous breakcore mixes leads me to call it a much more imprecise art, at least in the sense that the structure often deviates from the typical 4/4 framework of most jungle, and the tunes are often at such a high state of aural climax that there's very little incidence of breakdowns or easily mixable outros - thus forcing the mixmaster to come up with creative solutions to mixing tunes without actually matching their tempos. In cases where I could match them up, I did, but at least a third of the time that simply wasn't feasible.

Even so, I think this came out pretty damn well, and after tinkering with it for the last month and a half, it seems ready to leave the nest. May its wings catch the wind and its skull not end up splattered on the pavement. Expect 180-200+ bpm and near-epileptic doses of amens, but just enough soothing melody to keep you from checking yourself into the local asylum.

The series is dedicated to the Artbreaker from and Traffic Cone from - two of the finest and most educated listeners a musician could ask for.

Long live the breakcore. Death to dumbstep. When in doubt, turn it off and pretend you never heard it.

Tykal - Classicore - Part 2

01 (00:00) Idiron Soundtrack - Introductory Snarerush - The Centrifuge
02 (02:20) Kamerat Tord - Moltbaer - Breakcore.NL Music
03 (03:49) Ghost - Creepy Crawly Things (Mu Fu Mix) - Life4Land
04 (06:10) Resinate - Distance - Unreleased
05 (08:46) Atiq & Benefit of the Boomerang - It Was There - Mindtrick Records
06 (11:48) Idiron Soundtrack - Boltris Girl - The Centrifuge
07 (13:43) Blaerg - Onerous Circumlocution - Binkcrsh
08 (16:36) Jesubuddhallah - Bitten by a Spider, It Formed Vision, and I Found the Golden Path - Unreleased
09 (18:50) Venetian Snares - My Crutch - Planet Mu
10 (22:39) Ghost - Gwi-lo - Life4Land
11 (25:04) Maladroit - Tem Gwef Tem Gwef Mantra Jungle - Unreleased
12 (28:25) Acrnym - Kate Says Aye - Sublight
13 (31:02) Acrnym - Knife - Sublight
14 (34:55) OVe-NaXx - Ragga Dub Tackle - Accelmuzhik
15 (37:08) Skyfish - Ning Paw - Shanshui
16 (40:11) Ghost - Trip 2 the Moon II - Life4Land

I do not take credit for the mix, i would like to thank Tykal for mixing all this greatness. He is an amazing DJ as well and he's awesome at doing what he does.



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