Thursday, 29 December 2011

Much needed Intro

Hi my name is Denim, and I wanted to create a blog where i would be able to talk about the Breakcore scene.  Expect there to be news, reviews of many albums i have yet to discover, old and new.  Also look out for mix of the week, as there is always a mix waiting to be heard and shared.  I'll also update my progress as i am learning to produce in Renoise.

If you are new to breakcore, odds are you probably won't like it.  Imagine you grabbed that one drummer from the winstons, bumble bee from transformers, and rubbed them together until they melted on each other then sprinkle it with sunshine, and a miracle too. Talk about chance for the wishes.

That's about it for an intro... i think. Pretty sure i got the general idea on why i wanted to make a blog about Breakcore. I think i should make a banner or something too huh

Until next time!


RagingDubstep said...
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RagingDubstep said...

sounds interesting.
good luck and have fun with your blog.

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