Saturday, 14 January 2012

DJ Scotch Egg Fucking Shit Up

I was surfing on the youtube, and came across a live video of DJ Scotch egg that was amazing. Half way through I thought to myself "I want to be there right now". Looks like so much fun. I also seen this one video of him in sxsw in Texas and looked like an amzing show but the crowd wasn't feeling it at all which was kinda dumb, he even tried to get the crowd groovin but didnt happen. Anyways this man puts on a hell of a show. Check it out

Friday, 13 January 2012

Mix of the week: Gold Teeth Thief

Ok this is the mix of the week and this one is brought to you by none other than DJ rupture himself.  According to the website, it was mixed live on 3 turntables! Goddamn! This is a hip hop/breakcore/music mix.  The mix itself is pure gold! Straight dopeness, if you will, and has been a classic. It came out in 2000 and forever ago. Part B is my fav part btw

There is 2 parts to this mix, each is about 30 minutes each

Part A

Download part A <--- CLICK THAT (to the guy who couldnt see the link, sorry for the mass confusion! gawd!)

  1. Missy Elliot Get Ur Freak On (Elektra)
    Nas Oochie Wallie instrumental (Columbia)
    Ricky Dog aka Bling Dog Risen to the Top (Massive Sounds)
  2. DJ Scud Badman Time (Ambush)
  3. Barrington Levy Here I Come - jungle (Greensleeves)
    Nettle Duende (Soot)
  4. Dead Prez Cop Shot (Raptivism)
    Monie Muss Crew Thugz riddim (Greensleeves)
    Spragga Benz Certain Bwoy (Greensleeves)
  5. Bounty Killer Corrupt System (Greensleeves)
    Snares Man Breakbeat Malaria (History of the Future)
    Tommy Zwedberg Hanging (Fylkingen)
    Kid 606 Get yr kicks on Route 606 (Vinyl Communications)
    Luciano Berio Visage (Turnabout)
    Venetian Snares Boarded Up Swan Entrance (Planet-Mu)
    Larbi Lamtougi Salhine Assalihate (Casaphone)
  6. Nettle Duende: DJ Scud's In Chains remix (Soot)
    Shabba Ranks Peanie Peanie (Digital B)
  7. Quincy Bruce Lee MC (Ninja Tune)
  8. DJ /rupture Descarriada (Broklyn Beats)

Part B


  1. Dahlena Dabka (DJ Dance Records)
  2. Non Phixon Four W's instrumental (Serchlite)
    Djivan Gasparyan Dle Yaman (Opal)
    Wu-Tang Clan Reunited Funkst�rung's mix (K7!)
    Nettle untitled (white label)
  3. Cannibal Ox Vein (Def Jux)
    Sub Dub Dawa Zango (theAgriculture)
  4. DJ /rupture Rumbo Babylon (Broklyn Beats)
  5. Missing Links No Lodge (Primeight)
    DJ /rupture Taqsim Distorsionada (Soot)
  6. Rude Ass Tinker U Can't Touch This (Planet-Mu)
    DJ /rupture feat. Mercedes Ferrer (white label)
    John Wall track 1 (Utterpsalm)
    Moosaka w/ Splice Airbrushing (Street Forest)
  7. Welmo Romero & Splice Si A Plomo Vives: rupture's remix (Broklyn Beats)
  8. Project Pat Chickenhead (Loud)
    Nettle Duppy (Soot)
  9. Ilhan Mimaroglu Agony (Turnabout)
    Nettle Ensamblaje (Soot)
    Oval Shop In Store (Thrill Jockey)
  10. Muslimgauze The Taliban (Jara)
    Paul Simon w/ Ladysmith Black Mambazo Homeless (Warner Bros.)
    Miriam Makeba Djiguinira (Syliphone)


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

GAAWWD! What is that?

Music Production

I have hit a wall, I have not been able to produce anything!! Whenever I go to make a song, I just open renoise play with some samples until I find something interesting... then an hour later I just think "fuck this" then close it. Even though I am a beginner and all, it just frustrates me!  I just wanna be cool! Please god help me, or at least buy me lunch!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Top 10 Breakcore Artists

I decided to create myself, and for you guys of course, a top 10 list! The list will include some artists who produce some of my favorite tracks in the wonderful, beastly, wrecking, and soothing world of Breakcore.  I didn't put a lot of thought into this list btw, because picking a favorite artist for anything is super hard, but I'll do my best! GO TEAM! So here we go lets get it going. The content below will display the list

12. Autechre - This is one of artists that really isnt breakcore but had a huge impact on the IDM scene, and the IDM scene had a huge impact on the breakcore scene. They are both close in comparison but it's less intense.
Here is a track that i liked Called "Rae"

11. µ-ziq - I herd a lot of his catolog and I like a decent amount to know that this dude knows how to chill. some of his stuff is pretty relaxed and not too in your face. This tracks called Hectors House

10. Line 47 - I havent bought anything from him to know all of what he has, i have heard some of his songs in mixes, and this guy is a smooth operator. Quality! Here is a track from him

9. Datach'i - Just discovered this and it is golden, I need to listen to more! I am lovin the shit out of it right now. here's a track called "Rye Pierce Fence Watching"

8. Arena - I have no idea who this is, I had a cd with him on it and is totally kicks my ass everytime. One of the more quality I have heard. Check it out. This one's called "Hectic"

7. Ove-NaXx - This producer hails from the land of japan in Osaka. I love me some japanese breakcore. Iduno what they put in their cerial every morning but i hope they keep it up. this one is called "Rollin 'the OVe's Dick Hemroid"

6. Acrnym - In your face and intense. Gets me hard as fuck everytime... iduno why i am telling you this! have a listen. "knife"

5. I broke my robot - Just Discovered this beast. I will post more on him but for now he is in the top 5! Accept it! "tomorrow does not exist"

4. Dev/Null - This is one of the bigs that will get thrown out there a lot. For good reason too, cuz he pwns ur shit. If you are looking for quality you found it right here. One of my fav tracks from him "Big boring bass"

3.CDR - For sure my favorite japanese breakcore artists. He does a lot of really weird shows, sometimes i think theres something wrong with him but he makes good music. "Tan Theme"

2. The Flashbulb - Benn L. Jordan. Prolific as fuck. Has to be the man who got me into IDM and then breakcore. Definitely changed my life for the better. his latest albums arent really breakcore ish but he paved the way. Legend! "Lawnwake IV

1. Venetian Snares - Obviously! like fuck, who else. Numero Uno. He is Number one for a reason and totally rapes ass hard as fuck. You don't even know. I'll let his music do the talking. "Ion Divvy"

Here have another

I know I said 10 but there is 12. Rules are meant to be broken. What you going to do about it? It took me over an hour just to post this because i had to go in the html to do this and i HATE HTML a lot!
I hope you enjoyed my post!

Stay classy San Diego

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Video of me playing Stepmania

Ok so I have to keep this post short as i am on my way to go snowboarding @ Castle Mountain. I wanted to upload a video of me playing Stepmania, and i went ahead an found a video on my camera.  The song is by Nvoise, and is called Gangprobed.  Nvoise is no longer making music under that name he now goes by Yoseph and creates more of a dubstep genre these days.  In the video I had my old glass desk which I hated because it was so flimsy and shitty. Good Riddance.  I didn't do that good on the video at all but hey it's something, and it's OC.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Artist of the day

Todays artist of the day goes out to Saskrotch! He is from the U S of A Chi Town air ee yuh. He is well known for being the man at chiptune/breakcore. The first song i heard from him was in about 07 i think, and i was just playing my game called stepmania... I think i should do a post on that game soon lol cuz i have some breakcore songs on there that are awesomely fun fun fun!... Anyways, I was saying the first song i heard from him was "Excite Bike" and it was mind blowing. It was in your face, made you want to fuck shit up, and felt like a good speed rush (don't do drugs). All in less than 10 seconds. I later found it, was on his album called "Nintendo Breakz Vol. 1". It has lots of songs on it but are more sampled remixes of old school classic video games. Some songs remixed were super mario 3, zelda, punchout, megaman, river city ransom (I don't even know what that is!), and so much more.  Last week i bought his one EP for a whole dollar! which was a good listen for sure. I am sure any fan of video game music or oldschool game music can fall in love with chiptune. Gets me feeling like drugs... which i don't do! just saying you know

Here's a full track from his Nintendo Breakz that's actually not less than 30 seconds and it's cool shit

Saskrotch - In the Next Room Lies Our Destiny by ching chong han

Do Drugs

All new layout for my blog

Shit just got serious.  I decided i wanted to make my blog stand out from the regular plain templates. So i downloaded this one from this one place called the internet.  Even though everything is not perfect, i am more than happy with it.  I had to change a shitload of html, there was lots of things i didn't want from how it was when i installed it, so i toyed with the code for god knows how long, but still couldnt change some things so me being lazy I just left it. Through denial and error i eventually got everything decent and presentable. I had a few problems with the header and had to make it more small and simple.  Worst case Ontario people won't like it. So should i keep it this way? Yay or Nay? I am no pro guy at this btw

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Favorite Album

My friend asked me the other day, what my favorite album of all time was. I didn't even have to think about it, so the first thing that popped up in my head like a huge billboard was Venetian Snares "Rossz Csillag Alatt Született".  The whole album is beautifully composed, and Aaron for sure beasted hard on this.  I sound like i am riding his nuts, but jesus christ, the man really nailed it on this one. Who wouldn't like Venetian Snares?! Everyone should ride his nutsack because without him all my wildest dreams would have not come true. Well anyways the biggest reason this album is my favorite is... The classical music.  I love it, i want it inside me, and Aaron Funk fuses Breakcore into it so good. In fact he does it almost too good it hurts. So i told my friend and he was like "ok..." The album name is in Hungarian so I didnt expect much of a response. So i Highly Reccomend you to go buy it, download, youtube it, or anything. Just go listen for educational purposes.  (I do not condone illegal activites such as pirating music! I would never ever do such things! Shit's bad for your health so don't do it because i have never done it... NOT ONCE!)

Here is MY fav song from that album


Stay Classy San Diego

dDamage - Tsunamiii

I am in love with this song, it's not much a post but i really just wanted to let everyone know. you all know that feel. It's by dDamage, who are from france. Obviously french, just saying. It's not really breakcore but it's around that general family of IDM. Which is close enough, and there's no real definition of breakcore. everyone does it different.

it's middle of the week! I hope i don't fuck up my funds Wish me luck

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards

I dusted off an old post in a forum @ I Hate Breakcore and discovered one of the most weirdest bands... and i know some weird people. This is def going in my top 5 of weird names for a band, and the guys them self are crazy bastards. They are kinda of a punk/electric/experimental/grindcore/gabber/god knows what, all mixed together, and sounds out of control. The results they portray are fabulous, I think i am going to buy their CD and review it in the near future. Their bio is even more weird when i was trying to understand them as it says here: "Three stupid idiots went berserk and killed people. Found some more a girl..the othera boyThrowing people into the sky. Then the Idiots They fall into toxic waste. They grow into Dinosaurs. With Robotic Limbs. A Ninja trained them in the Dark Arts. They find Keyboards. They Find Guitar. They Find Synth. They Kill more People. They can't wait to do poo poos on PEOPLE. They like the woofing dog. Get Us A Robo rape."

Check it out

I had an egg sandwich of champions in the making of this post btw... thank you eggs for making this all possible

Producer Progression

I just got my new set up all good to go, and just thought i would share it!

It's not very special but it gets the job done. I have been learning in renoise for the past 2 or so months and i love that program. With the addtion of my keyboard i got for christmas, i have been learning piano as well. learning sheet music is kinda frustrating atm, and learning... is kinda gay but it must be done.  I got this table because the table i had before could barely contain the hugeness of the keyboard and pissed me off so i decided i want this big bastard. couldnt be more happier

Also here's a song i made. Not the best but i think i am getting there Bitten by Fluffy Bunnies

Monday, 2 January 2012

Mix of the week!

This weeks mix is very special (to me at least). It is from Tykal once again! If it wasn't for this mix, i would have never even liked breakcore.  This was a definite ice breaker into the breakcore world. I almost couldn't believe what i was hearing, it was just so good!  I don't remember when it came out, but all I know is that it popped my breakcore cherry in 06, or "oh six" if that's what the cool kids call it these days. There are some big names on this track list, it's a huge deal of a mix, so enjoy. Thank you Tykal for mixing this, it has truly busted many nuts in my ear pussies. Share this amongst your friends!

Tykal - Roughly Smoothed Out

01. Szaphros' Zenjthe is Complete - A Signal Received From A Remote Island Asking For Help, But It Was Too Late, They Had Already Exausted All Of Their Planet's Resources
02. Tetsuo - Solid Bold
03. CDR - CDR Tan Theme
04. Society Suckers - Sunshine Skank
05. DJ Pooch - 4 The Floor Recordings Volume 10 A
06. Sumone - Slsk Ragga Jungle Room Blues
07. Computer Crash System - Too Much Ganja In My Blunt16bits uv22
08. The End - Armed & Dangerous
09. The Flashbulb - Black Lawn Finale
10. Maladroit - Emotional Toxicology
11. Szaphros' Zenjthe is Complete - Telarc Transit 0619 Took Me To A Very Special Island On Calypso9
12. Migraine - Visitor (Sunday Mix)
13. Venetian Snares - Encore (Live in Brooklyn 1/31/04)

Download here 

I love you <3