Friday, 13 January 2012

Mix of the week: Gold Teeth Thief

Ok this is the mix of the week and this one is brought to you by none other than DJ rupture himself.  According to the website, it was mixed live on 3 turntables! Goddamn! This is a hip hop/breakcore/music mix.  The mix itself is pure gold! Straight dopeness, if you will, and has been a classic. It came out in 2000 and forever ago. Part B is my fav part btw

There is 2 parts to this mix, each is about 30 minutes each

Part A

Download part A <--- CLICK THAT (to the guy who couldnt see the link, sorry for the mass confusion! gawd!)

  1. Missy Elliot Get Ur Freak On (Elektra)
    Nas Oochie Wallie instrumental (Columbia)
    Ricky Dog aka Bling Dog Risen to the Top (Massive Sounds)
  2. DJ Scud Badman Time (Ambush)
  3. Barrington Levy Here I Come - jungle (Greensleeves)
    Nettle Duende (Soot)
  4. Dead Prez Cop Shot (Raptivism)
    Monie Muss Crew Thugz riddim (Greensleeves)
    Spragga Benz Certain Bwoy (Greensleeves)
  5. Bounty Killer Corrupt System (Greensleeves)
    Snares Man Breakbeat Malaria (History of the Future)
    Tommy Zwedberg Hanging (Fylkingen)
    Kid 606 Get yr kicks on Route 606 (Vinyl Communications)
    Luciano Berio Visage (Turnabout)
    Venetian Snares Boarded Up Swan Entrance (Planet-Mu)
    Larbi Lamtougi Salhine Assalihate (Casaphone)
  6. Nettle Duende: DJ Scud's In Chains remix (Soot)
    Shabba Ranks Peanie Peanie (Digital B)
  7. Quincy Bruce Lee MC (Ninja Tune)
  8. DJ /rupture Descarriada (Broklyn Beats)

Part B


  1. Dahlena Dabka (DJ Dance Records)
  2. Non Phixon Four W's instrumental (Serchlite)
    Djivan Gasparyan Dle Yaman (Opal)
    Wu-Tang Clan Reunited Funkst�rung's mix (K7!)
    Nettle untitled (white label)
  3. Cannibal Ox Vein (Def Jux)
    Sub Dub Dawa Zango (theAgriculture)
  4. DJ /rupture Rumbo Babylon (Broklyn Beats)
  5. Missing Links No Lodge (Primeight)
    DJ /rupture Taqsim Distorsionada (Soot)
  6. Rude Ass Tinker U Can't Touch This (Planet-Mu)
    DJ /rupture feat. Mercedes Ferrer (white label)
    John Wall track 1 (Utterpsalm)
    Moosaka w/ Splice Airbrushing (Street Forest)
  7. Welmo Romero & Splice Si A Plomo Vives: rupture's remix (Broklyn Beats)
  8. Project Pat Chickenhead (Loud)
    Nettle Duppy (Soot)
  9. Ilhan Mimaroglu Agony (Turnabout)
    Nettle Ensamblaje (Soot)
    Oval Shop In Store (Thrill Jockey)
  10. Muslimgauze The Taliban (Jara)
    Paul Simon w/ Ladysmith Black Mambazo Homeless (Warner Bros.)
    Miriam Makeba Djiguinira (Syliphone)



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Will check it out, thanks!

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Might check it out

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Thanks for posting this music!

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Downloading, perhaps you could put it on youtube?

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downloading! /fistpump

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yeah, youtube would be a better idea

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Thanks for the share. Any possibility of youtube?

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Iduno if youtube will even let me upload it

Kilsr said...

Just open it in your browser, whenever I click on it I can just listen to it and opens in another window, gawwd

Jay said...

Would've loved this like 3 years ago but still good. Reminds me so much of my childhood.

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Good set.

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