Monday, 2 January 2012

Mix of the week!

This weeks mix is very special (to me at least). It is from Tykal once again! If it wasn't for this mix, i would have never even liked breakcore.  This was a definite ice breaker into the breakcore world. I almost couldn't believe what i was hearing, it was just so good!  I don't remember when it came out, but all I know is that it popped my breakcore cherry in 06, or "oh six" if that's what the cool kids call it these days. There are some big names on this track list, it's a huge deal of a mix, so enjoy. Thank you Tykal for mixing this, it has truly busted many nuts in my ear pussies. Share this amongst your friends!

Tykal - Roughly Smoothed Out

01. Szaphros' Zenjthe is Complete - A Signal Received From A Remote Island Asking For Help, But It Was Too Late, They Had Already Exausted All Of Their Planet's Resources
02. Tetsuo - Solid Bold
03. CDR - CDR Tan Theme
04. Society Suckers - Sunshine Skank
05. DJ Pooch - 4 The Floor Recordings Volume 10 A
06. Sumone - Slsk Ragga Jungle Room Blues
07. Computer Crash System - Too Much Ganja In My Blunt16bits uv22
08. The End - Armed & Dangerous
09. The Flashbulb - Black Lawn Finale
10. Maladroit - Emotional Toxicology
11. Szaphros' Zenjthe is Complete - Telarc Transit 0619 Took Me To A Very Special Island On Calypso9
12. Migraine - Visitor (Sunday Mix)
13. Venetian Snares - Encore (Live in Brooklyn 1/31/04)

Download here 

I love you <3


Anonymous said...

Thinking bout donwloading that beast of a mix :)

metsrule64 said...

cool post, i am following!

NewAccount said...

Like the blog! Now following!

Kilsr said...

cool thanks. download the mix, you will not be disapointed

NayNaySIXX said...

The mix is good

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